What is Vidatox?.

Vidatox is a homeopathic preparation developed by LABIOFAM laboratories which has a alcohol base and is prepared using the venom of the Cuban Scorpion, Rhopalurus junceus. It’s only proven property is analgesia and this is clearly stated in the leaflet that comes with the natural product.

The basic differences between Escozul and Vidatox are the ways of preparation. Vidatox is a homeopathic product that is diluted a number of times during preparation and this eliminates an amount of the active ingredient.

Vidatox, having an alcoholic base, does not need to be refrigerated and its form of Administration is in sublingual drops.

Non-toxic and side effects are unknown. but in some patients has induced, tachycardia, heartburn, etc..

VIDATOX is the brand name given to the homeopathic formulation of the drug whose dose is standard and is not designed according to the patient's health condition.

VIDATOX (homeopathic formulation) has been used by cancer patients for about 4 years and only has analgesic properties.

Because the homeopathic formulation is new, yet there are many testimonies of people who socially endorse its properties.

The homeopathic formulation was first marketed in the network of international pharmacies in Havana in May 2011, at a cost equivalent of 230 USD (U.S. dollar) per bottle. 12 bottles are needed to cover one year of treatment.

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